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The Louisiana Bar Foundation has a strong focus on education, with various programs and initiatives dedicated to promoting legal education and awareness among children and the public. Because of supporters like you, we can offer scholarships to the children of Louisiana, loan repayment assistance for attorneys working in public interest positions, law-related educational programs through grants, and host an annual program called Speak Out for Justice! Focus on Civil Legal Aid. Thank you for your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through these efforts, the LBF aims to promote legal education and awareness, support diverse organizations and citizens and strengthen leadership within the legal community.

Read about how Jacob was impacted by LBF’s Kids’ Chance Program and now advocates for its mission.

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The morning of February 21, 1997, started out like any other day for Jacob but ended in a broken family. Jacob was just 13 when his father suffered a life changing injury on the job. While moving heavy machinery he suffered a severe back injury. After multiple surgeries, he was left in chronic pain and was unable to return to his job. The family suddenly faced financial hardship.

Jacob’s parents were forced to cash in their savings and the kids’ college funds to pay bills. Jacob’s mom had to go back to work. “I remember having to rely on church to help provide school supplies for me and my sisters,” said Jacob. Eventually, things became so difficult that his parents divorced.

From a very young age, Jacob knew that he wanted a career in public service. He was also aware of the importance of a good education. “When I was in high school, I became hyper-sensitive and worried about how I was going to pay for college,” said Jacob “I knew that I would have to handle those costs on my own.”

Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) launched a local chapter of the National Kids’ Chance Program when Jacob was a junior at LSU. LBF’s Kids’ Chance Program provides scholarships to children of Louisiana workers who have been killed or permanently and totally disabled in an accident compensable under a state or federal Workers’ Compensation Act or law. In 2004, Jacob applied and was awarded one of the first scholarships. “I was grateful to the LBF for the huge role they played in helping me get through school,” said Jacob.

In 2006 Jacob graduated from LSU with dual degrees in Mass Communications and Animal Science. Initially, Jacob worked for Teach for America in New York, Hawaii, and Seattle. He moved back to Louisiana with his wife and son and currently serves as Special Advisor to the Superintendent at Jefferson Parish Public Schools.

Today Jacob is an active member of the Kids’ Chance Committee and speaks on behalf of the program. His sister Sara is a current Kids’ Chance scholarship recipient. “The vast majority of people do not understand what a child goes through when a parent is killed or injured. In addition to the emotional trauma, too often kids have to carry the financial burden. LBF Kids’ Chance recognizes this challenge and helps kids achieve their goals,” states Jacob.

Since 2004, the program has awarded 337 scholarships totaling $863,100. The program is governed by a committee representing a cross-section of the state’s legal and workers compensation communities.


The LBF focuses on providing legal representation and support to children in foster care through various programs and partnerships. This includes promoting child welfare, preventing abuse, and neglect, and ensuring quality services for families and communities. We work hard to provide direct legal representation for children and work towards systemic legal reform efforts on their behalf. Your help is improving outcomes for children in the child welfare system and promoting their safety, well-being, and future development. Thank you for advocating for the rights and needs of children in legal proceedings and ensuring their access to justice.

Watch Tony’s story and see how the LBF is making a positive impact in the lives of foster children.

Direct Aid

The LBF provides direct aid to the less fortunate through various legal services such as spouse abuse, unemployment compensation, and landlord/tenant matters. You help us promote pro bono work within the legal community, encouraging attorneys, and paralegals to volunteer their time and expertise to help those in need. We can help support other legal service providers who specialize in areas such as mental health and child advocacy mediation, ensuring that all aspects of legal aid are covered because of you.

See how Elizabeth’s story exemplifies the importance of LBF funding in providing crucial support and resources for women leaving abusive relationships.

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